Bad Boy Barton Backed For No Reprieve…

Bad Boy Barton Backed For No Reprieve…

Joey Barton, today received a 12 match ban for his shenanigans at the end of last season and bookmakers William Hill are betting on what the outcome will be at the culmination of the inevitable appeal that will take place. Barton will undoubtedly feel aggrieved at the extent of his ban and Hills are offering 11/8 that the 12 matches are decreased. It is even money that the ban stays the same and 4/1 that it is increased.

“Barton gives the impression that he has turned over a new leaf,” said Hill’s spokesman Joe Crilly. “It seems as though the FA, however, have taken a dim view as to his antics in the last game of the season and we reckon his ban will remain as it is regardless of appeal.”

Will Joey Barton’s Ban Be…11/8 decreased, 1/1 stay same; 4/1 increased

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