Betting For Bread

I recall a story from a cousin of mine who got a summer job
in a factory that baked bread.
His job was bagging the bread or feeding bags into a bagging machine.
The exact same type of bread would be put into two different kinds of bag.

One was supermarket own brand as sold for £x
One was a fancier branded bag and that bread sold for £2x

People were not paying more for better bread.
They were paying more for a better bag :)

The same applies in many walks of life.
Tipping no different.
Some tipsters put a lot of effort into glossy presentation and charge a premium.
Strangely many buyers of certain mentality are drawn to higher ticket price items
as they associate cost with quality.

When looking at a Tipster service try and bear the bread story above in mind.
Try and cut through the gloss hype and presentation and instead focus on the facts of numbers.
On the net the opposite is true as well of course.
There are sites and tipsters with good results
who do a bad job of glossy presentation and are available at cheapish fees.

One example of that perhaps is the full member forum at the PunterProfits site.
Within many skilled members post up their own system and tipping threads.
Presentation values may be low but the numbers look very good.

Up untill this week infact visitors to PunterProfits would have had little idea such profitable tipping threads existed there.
Dave however has just put up a new page where he summarises his favoured picks of member submitted tipping threads.
See info at this link ==> Horse Racing Tips

Some very imprerssive profits listed there I am sure you would agree.

One of the upsides PunterProfits members have of course is access to Dave’s regular horse racing research articles and indepth research pdf reports.
They learn from these and the feedback loop goes on to produce some very profitable member threads on the private board there.
The site I guess as well attracts some reasonably clued up experienced punters
who have gone beyond buying into hype and instead see the benefit of having well researched data to help them assess races.
Even the free membership there is worth having as free members get access
to certain research articles that can help educate them on various aspects of horse racing.

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