Bookies Cheer Anfield Stalemate, United 12/1 To Remain Unbeaten All Season

A hard fought battle at Anfield ended in a draw and Manchester United maintained their unbeaten start to the season. William Hill were impressed with the Red Devil’s resilience and make United 12/1 to remain undefeated all season.

“Much like last season, United have had a flying start to the season but this season they appear much harder to break down,” said Hill’s spokesman Joe Crilly. “The unbeaten season is starting to look more and more possible.”

A draw was a fantastic result for bookmakers, with Hill’s having taken a reasonable six figure sum on their highest turnover match of the season.

“Most people watching the game would have had an opinion one way or another and the draw was the perfect result to set up our weekend,” said Hill’s spokesman Joe Crilly.

William Hill Odds:

When will Manchester United next lose: 2/1 Manchester City; 4/1 Everton; 14/1 Sunderland; 14/1 Swansea; 8/1 Newcastle; 6/4 none of these

12/1 Manchester United to remain undefeated all season

Further Information…Joe Crilly…07850518164

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