Gamble On Arsene To Stay At Arsenal…fa Cup Specials

Arsenal fans have been rallying around Arsene Wenger since their humiliating midweek defeat and in the last 48 hours, his odds of still being at the club have been backed from 8/11 to 8/13 with William Hill. Hills have also seen support for both Wenger and Robin van Persie to still be at Arsenal on the first day of next season, offered at 15/8 having previously been 2/1 (3/1 to leave). Theo Walcott has been pinpointed as one of the main underperformers at Arsenal this season and he is 7/2 to have left Arsenal by the first day of next season.

“It is safe to say that Arsene Wenger has not enjoyed the best of seasons since taking over at Arsenal but we think that he has the backing of the fans if the weight of money for him to stay is anything to go by,” said Hill’s spokesman Joe Crilly.

Andre Villas Boas is under considerable pressure at Chelsea, although the odds of him still being there at the start of next season have come in slightly to 4/7, while Harry Redknapp is odds-against at 2/1 to still be at Spurs by the same day.

How many of Andre Villas Boas, Harry Redknapp & Wenger still at their clubs: 11/2 none; 11/8 one; 11/10 two; 11/2 all three

Theo Walcott still at Arsenal on the first day of next season: 1/6 yes; 7/2 no

Andre Villas Boas to be in charge of Chelsea on first game of next season: 4/7 yes; 5/4 no

Harry Redknapp to be Tottenham manager on the first day of 2012/13 Premier League season: 2/1 yes; 4/11 no

Arsene Wenger to be manager of Arsenal on first day of 2012/12 Premier League season: 8/13 yes; 6/5 no

AVB and Torres to have left Chelsea by the first day of next season: 11/2

FA Cup specials:

All 8 teams in FA Cup Q/F to be Premier League sides: 4/1

Lowest team to QUALIFY for the Q/F: 9/4 Crawley; 8/1 Stevenage; 11/5 Millwall; 9/2 Leicester; 25/1 Brighton; 18/1 Birmingham; 18/1 Blackpool; 4/1 Bolton
*Teams in LOWEST ranked order before 1st tie
Crawley, Stevenage, Millwall, Leicester, Brighton, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bolton

Highest Scoring Match: 7/2 Chelsea/Birmingham; 4/1 Stevenage/Tottenham; 4/1 Liverpool/Brighton; 6/1 Everton/Blackpool; 7/1 Norwich/Leicester; 7/1 Sunderland/Arsenal; 8/1 Millwall/Bolton; 8/1 Crawley/Stoke

Highest scoring team: 10/3 Liverpool; 10/3 Chelsea; 9/2 Tottenham; 13/2 Everton; 10/1 Norwich; 10/1 Stoke; 12/1 Arsenal; 16/1 Bolton; 20/1 Sunderland; 25/1 Leicester; 25/1 Millwall; 25/1 Crawley; 33/1 Blackpool; 40/1 Birmingham; 50/1 Brighton; 50/1 Stevenage

Total red cards: 13/8 one; 9/4 two; 10/3 three or more; 7/2 none

Hat-Trick scored: 11/2 Yes; 1/10 No

FA Cup Outright: 10/3 Tottenham; 10/3 Chelsea; 7/2 Liverpool; 11/2 Arsenal; 12/1 Everton; 12/1 Stoke; 14/1 Sunderland; 25/1 Norwich; 33/1 Bolton; 66/1 Leicester; 100/1 Birmingham; 100/1 Blackpool; 125/1 Brighton; 150/1 Millwall; 250/1 Crawley; 500/1 Stevenage

Qualify Prices:

1/9 Chelsea; 5/1 Birmingham
1/2 Norwich; 6/4 Leicester
5/4 Millwall; 4/7 Bolton
1/7 Everton; 4/1 Blackpool
6/4 Sunderland; 1/2 Arsenal
9/4 Crawley; 1/3 Stoke
13/2 Stevenage; 1/14 Tottenham
1/16 Liverpool; 7/1 Brighton

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