Grand National Betting Tips

Who to back for the Grand National?

It must be one of the toughest racing questions there is.

Conventional wisdom of course states it is a race for mugs.

I’d agree to an extent.

If betting at starting price for example yes you can definately expect a high bookmaker over round against you. On the other hand if you work to the top prices of all competing bookmakers and betting Exchanges you are betting into close to a 100% book.

As such poor value is not they key issue.

It is perhaps more of a low strike rate issue assuming you are trying to pick the one horse that will win.

What will I be backing myself?

Not sure yet is the honest answer.

A few sources I will use to refine my own shortlisting for my fun fiver are:


A – Guy Wards Detailed assessment here == Grand National Tip

B – A proven over 16 years systematic approach as per the Big Race Systems pdf at

Racing Trends

C – I will see what Dave Renhams horse race report site highlights


All the above are free for you too.

A & C totally free . B free as part of free trial sign up.

Good luck




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