Hedging An Each Way Double

The following is a snippet from today’s message from Big Mike.
Big Mike is an ex accountant who know lieks to use his knowledge of numbers to take cash of the bookmakers.

His followers get daily messages with an array of strategic bets on both horse racing & sport.
The following snippet I thought posting up here as it is an educational piece you can learn from showing you how to hedge an each way double.

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Hedging An Each Way Double

The best way of showing how to play a hedge is with an actual example.


4 x £4 ew doubles

Tarn Hows 5/2 & Real Milan 8/1 12.05 Uttoxeter
with Remix 7/2 & Lady Lyricist 12/1 350 Wolves

Stakes of £40 at Bet365 ‘Best Odds’

In the first race Real Milan managed to win at 12/1 and Tarn Hows was
placed at 5/2.

So in effect because of the price of the winner in the first race we had
£52 running on the win side of both Lady Lyricist and also Remix.

I emailed all members as we had to protect this vast windfall. Neither of
the two horses were expected to win so we had to retrieve something in
order to live another day.

The first thing to do is to work out how much would be won if either of the
doubles would have landed. At 7/2 the Remix double would have produced app
£180 and if Lady Lyricist had obliged we were talking well over £1,000.

So we had plenty of oil in the tank. My initial suggestion was to retrieve
stakes at least by laying £4 pre start on each horse back to Betfair. I
then suggested placing mines (lays in running) and in fairness to Remix a
good return was made as the horse was laid down to 2.02 on the win site.
Lady Lyricist was last seen in the middle of Wolverhampton at 9pm last
night so nothing back from her save the initial £4 lay.

On the place site it was a different kettle of fish as Remix – at 7/2 – in
effect gave 1.7 return if placed yet was layable at 1.28 before the start.
Similarly Lady Lyricist at 28/1 would be the equivalent of 6.6 on the place
site yet again layable at a considerable advantage at 3.2. At a stroke both
horses could have been laid at least for £26 (Half the gross bet) and the
cost would have been app £7 on Remix and just over £70 on Lady Lyricist. It
may seem a lot to hedge but consider that the place return if successful
from Remix would have been £35+ and on LL the place return at SP would have
been £250+ – so there was much to save.

Always remember that these huge doubles are rarely going to land – so
evasive action is a must.

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