Is There Ever a Time to go Big With Sports Betting?


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It is undoubtedly a great time to be a sports fan
at the moment. While the likes of the Cheltenham
Festival, the Six Nations and the Grand National at
Aintree have already been and gone, there
remains a host of top sporting events still to
come across the rest of 2018. From the World
Cup to Wimbledon and even a new football
season, there are a host of opportunities for
people to get betting on their favourite sports.

With this in mind, you may have already started
to assess your options in terms of which specific
events you want to have a flutter on. You might
have also had an early glance at odds to see
where you may eventually choose to put your
money. However, another important issue you
then have to consider is just how much cash you
ultimately plan to stake on your upcoming bets.
Should you always play it safe and keep amounts
modest or are there actually moments when you
could go big and really dig deep into your betting

In this article, we are going to take a look at the
so-called act of ‘high-rolling’ and whether there
are standout moments in sports betting where
high stakes are the only way to go.

A roll of the dice

For the uninitiated, the idea of a ‘high-roller’
has its roots in rolling the dice in casino gambling
but it has been adopted and used in a range of
other different areas across the decades.

As the Collins English Dictionary outlines, the basic
definition of a high roller in gambling is an
individual who puts down large stakes – a
strategy that clearly not only offers significant
potential for winning big but plenty of risks too.
However, it is a relative misconception to say
that people take the high-roller approach without
care, as, quite often, a lot of thought and
strategy goes into it. For example, according to an
article by Betway, high rollers in roulette in the
past have tended to use an adapted version of
the famous Martingale strategy in order to try to
maximise their winnings. In addition, such
individuals – who can also be referred to as
‘whales’ – often undertake a lot of research into a
game before deciding it is for them. As Business
Insider highlights, many involved in gambling are
drawn to baccarat as it is a game which offers
only a small advantage to the house when
compared to others.


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But while high-rolling is a major established
concept in gambling, is there ever a time when
putting down a high stake makes sense in the
sports betting world?

Key issues

While there are never any guarantees of success
when it comes to betting, one of the most
obvious times when high stakes may be the way
to go could be when there is a competitor or
team who is seemingly an absolute dead-cert for
victory. Alternatively, such an approach may be
an option in a scenario when backing a prolific
striker to finish as the top goalscorer in a football season.
Take La Liga for example, where the likes
of Ronaldo and Messi have dominated the scoring
charts for years.

Of course, it should also be said that – as with
any other form of betting – there are always key
issues to bear in mind when planning to put big
money on an outcome.

A great place to get started with sports betting
is to get the basics right and try to strengthen
your position with a bit of research. Whether it is
horse racing or football, take time to consider
form and the potential for upsets so that you can
make an informed decision on where to put your
money. It is also worth bearing in mind that
inspiration can from a number of unlikely places,
with research even hinting that Twitter can prove
useful when trying to predict the outcome of a
football match.

Furthermore, as in any betting situation, it is
always important to make bankroll management
a top priority. It is always useful to put limits in
place in terms of how you intend to bet, with the
ultimate aim of avoiding any risk of damaging
losses and ensuring your betting always remains

Exciting action

This year looks set to be an absolute classic for
sporting action and that means there are a host
of opportunities for you to have a bet on the
outcome of a range of competitions. While there
may only be a handful of occasions when it is
suitable to put down a high stake, it is worth
keeping the betting basics in mind to ensure you
stay on track for some success.





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