Jack Of All Trades

Long Term Profitable Tipping

There are many little nuggets and gems buried
in the full member forums at www.PunterProfits.com
One of them is a long term profitable tipping thread
by a full member there who goes by the handle of Pydoom.

He calls the thread Jack Of All Trades and it is based on
several approaches and methods he has found to be past profitable.

As you can see from the results summary below he has made:
– A very significant amount of net profit
– He has been doing it for a significant amount of time ( so no flash in the pan )

July 2012 +3.09

June 2012 -14.89

May 2012 +82.12

April 2012 +14.35

March 2012 +11.86

February 2012 -3.62

January 2012 -31.51

December 2011 -20.03

November +22.34

October +11.88

September +24.08

August +7.05

July +68.7

June +7.92

May +20.86

April 2011 +17.2

2012 so far +61.01

2011 (started april 5th) +160

The above figures are based on points.
But most tips are set so either 1 pt win or .5 pt each way
so these are closeish to level stakes figures.

Here are two selections from that thread for today.

Market Rasen 2:15 Awaywiththegreys @ 3.75 1pt win( PaddyPower )

Ripon 3:40 Yazdi @ 5.5 0.5pts e/w( Ladbrokes )

As mentioned before this thread is just one of many interesting things
in the Full member are of the PunterProfits site.
If at all interested contact me and I will try and sort you out with a free month there.

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