Paul The Octopus Punters Are £1400 Ahead Of Bookies


PUNTERS following the World Cup tips from Paul the Octopus have won up to £1400 by doing so, say bookmakers William Hill, who have taken so many bets on the sea creature tipping the World Cup winner that they have cut their odds for him to do it from Even money to 10/11.
‘If you had just bet £10 on each of Paul’s six successive winning selections on Germany or their opponents so far, you would have made a healthy profit of £84 – but if you had put the winnings from each bet all on to the next one, you would now be looking at £1400 of profit!’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.
‘Punters are superstitious creatures at the best of times – and many have favourite tipsters they like to follow, but they tend to be human, so this is the first time we’ve genuinely had punters coming into betting shops and asking staff about the predictions made by an octopus.’

William Hill offer:
100/1 To become part of Fabio Capello’s staff .
100/1 Eaten by the German team on return from the World Cup .
1000 King Juan Carlos to confer Spain’s highest honour, the Order of the Golden Fleece, on the Octopus .
1000/1 Squidnapped by distraught German fans .

Further information…….graham sharpe….07803 233702.

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