Soccer Tip Over 2.5 Goal Methodology

The figures coming out of the soccer tip service these days
are looking pretty hot.

Back in October last year Louise the maths graduate
responsible for the tips there formulated an approach
termed The Over 2.5 Methodology.

A lot of historic data was researched with the focus on
over 2.5 goals betting.

All advices are always for over 2.5 goals.
That makes it an easy and unconfusing service to use.

With a strike rate of about 57 % it will suit
those who prefer to win more often than they lose.

New clients are greeted in a friendly fashion
with a two week test period for just £1.

Profit and loss figures are pretty good.
Little point me quoting them here now as
they will be out of date tomorrow.

Instead go see here results page
which includes a full data breakdown in
spreadsheet format.

Well worth a look if your interest in soccer
is mainly along the lines of strike rate, ROI
and profits and not in reading reams of
human hunch and waffle.

Here is the link to her site.

Soccer Tip

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