Speed Ratings System

Speed ratings are quite simply a numerical measure of how fast a horse has run.

Top Speed in the Racing Post is a well known example of such a thing.

Creating speed ratings  however goes beyond mere clocking of a race time.

Ratings are often adjusted to account for factors such as going or course layout.

Picture two horses running at different tracks for example.

Both run similar distances races in the same time.

Are those horses equal in ability?

An initial knee jerk reaction may be to say yes.

But that may not be true.

Say for example Horse A ran on a flat track with good ground.

Horse B clocked the same time over the same distance but he ran on a more uphill course with more sticky ground conditions.

If horse A & B met in a  future race my pound would be on Horse B as it clocked the same time as Horse A but under tougher conditions.

Speed Rating compilers should if they are any good try and take account of such issues when compiling their speed ratings.


Speed Ratings System

There are several profitable tipping type threads in the full member area at www.PunterProfits.com

One of them called Speedy 3 and 4 Year Olds is based around speed ratings.

It has proven pretty succesful so far with a profit tally from May to the end of July of just over 40 points level stakes.

Qualifiers for today Saturday Aug 11th are as follows.

2-05 Ascot – Steps (6/1 general)

2-55 Haydock – Gabrial (5/2 general)

3-00 Newmarket – Zumbi (13/2 Paddy Power, Victor Chandler)

4-45 Newmarket – Uriah Heep

6-15 Lingfield – Al Janadeirya


Good luck if following these today.

Not every day is a winner but they are from a method that is starting to build up a very tasty long term profit level.

It is just one of several profitable threads in the PunterProfiits Full member area.

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