Horse Racing Statistics For Saturday

Knowledge is power when betting on horses.

Dave Renham’s RacingTrends is a service that provides is members with a wealth of statistical horse racing information each day.

It is NOT a racing tipping service.

More so a stat provision service cutting out hours of tedious study for it’s clients and providing a wealth of useful information on a plate to them.

Clients tend to be reasonably clued up punters who appreciate both the power of stats and research and the fact that it is very boring and tedious to compile such stats each day. Stats to hand they can focus on the more interesting aspect of race assessment to find value bets or lays of their own.

Dave produces separate messages for Flat and National Hunt Racing.

Copied below for you is todays Flat Racing message.

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Horse Racing Nuggets

My mate Dave Renham is a mine of information on uk horse racing.
I am firm believer that if you take the time to carefully assess the past you are likely to make better decissions about the future.
This applies very well to betting on horses as well as to other walks of life.
Dave recently started producing […]

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ROI In Horse Racing

ROI In Horse Racing
I received a question from someone new to betting on horses.
They had seen me refer to ROI and wondered what that meant.
Quite simply ROI stands for Return on Investment.
It is a way to measure the profitability of a set of betting selections
whether they be your personal picks, system selections or a tipsters […]

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