Tentacled Tipster Gives Bookies More Reason To Cheer

The news that Paul The Octopus has retired is music to the ears of bookmakers William Hill. “The predict-o-pus’s eight winning selections have helped superstitious punters to collect half a million from bookmakers coffers and anyone who bet £10 on each of the outcomes will have scooped £89.95 each, while those who “rolled” their money over onto the next outcome ended up with £1623.34.

“Picking all seven outcomes of Germany’s games, as well as the outcome of the World Cup final is quite some feat,” added Crilly. “We are thankful that Paul has now retired, and will happily give him a few s-quid towards a retirement aquarium to keep him that way. He has emerged as the star of the World Cup, and retiring at his peak will ensure that he goes down in history as a leg-end.”

William Hill Paul Specials:

5/1 To be given tipster column in British national newspaper.
33/1 To Accept a transfer to Spain
50/1 To Be Released Into The Wild
100/1 Squidnapped by distraught German fans .
250/1 Eaten by the German team on return from the World Cup
500/1 King Juan Carlos to confer Spain’s highest honour, the Order of the Golden Fleece, on the Octopus

Further Information…Joe Crilly…0208 918 3746

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