The Top 10 Sports Spread Betting Moments of 2012

The Top 10 Sports Spread Betting Moments of 2012


Sports spread betting offers the chance to use your sports knowledge to try and turn a profit – but where were the big wins of 2012?

See below for our list of top 10 spread moments from last year. However, remember that unlike fixed odds betting you can lose more than your initial stake so it is always wise to work out your worst-case scenario when choosing your stake size!

10. Roger Federer v Juan Martin del Potro 3-6, 7-6, 19-17, Olympics semi-finals

Market: Cross Courts
Pre-event spread: 58.5-63.5
Make-up: 383
Potential profit x stake: 319.5

Cross Courts is a market which allows you to bet on player 1’s set 1 games multiplied by player 2’s set 1 games and then aggregated for each set in a match.

So when Roger Federer and Martin del Potro briefly threatened to match John Isner and Nicholas Mahut’s Wimbledon classic during the men’s Olympics semi-finals, the final set make-up of 323 (19 x 17) helped create a huge outcome for Cross Courts buyers but misery for anyone who sold at 58.5.

9. Australia v India, 2nd Test

Market: Clarke Runs
Pre-event spread: 48-53
Make-up: 329
Potential profit x stake: 276

Cricket is arguably the perfect sport for spread betting with the scoring pattern of team and batsmen runs ideal for opening and closing bets in-play to either take a profit or cut a loss.

Ominously for England and the Ashes, Australia skipper Michael Clarke was one of the form players of 2012 with the bat and his 329 in January in the second Test against India was a perfect start to the year for spread betters who bought his runs at 53 but the worst possible beginning for those that sold his runs at 48.

8. England v South Africa, 1st Test

Market: 3rd South Africa Wicket
Pre-event spread: 307-317
Make-up: 637
Potential profit x stake: 320

It’s not just batsmen or team runs that can offer opportunity when it comes to spread betting on cricket, as predicting the fall of the next wicket can be just as volatile.

When the Proteas dismantled England to win by an innings and 12 runs at the Oval in July , the 377 run partnership of Hashin Amla and Jacques Kallis was far higher than the SpreadEx predicted level meaning buyers were begging South Africa to hold out on their declaration for as long as possible to maximise profits. Sellers meanwhile were begging for an early end to their pain.

7. Reading 5 Arsenal 7, Capital One Cup

Market: Extra Time Goal Minutes
Pre-event spread: 105-115
Make-up: 459
Potential profit x stake: 344

Anyone who had a spread bet on this game will surely not forget this match in a hurry. The Gunners powered back from 4-0 down to force extra-time and the goals continued in the additional half-hour.

Total Goal Minutes is a market based on the aggregate of the minutes goals are scored in a game. The SpreadEx prediction for extra-time goal minutes was between 105-115 but four strikes took the make-up to 459 and a happy conclusion for buyers, if not for Reading fans or those who sold at 105.

6. Celtic 5 Hearts 0, Scottish Premier League

Market: Shirt Numbers
Pre-event spread: 90-94
Make-up: 440
Potential profit x stake: 346

Another popular football spread betting market is Shirt Numbers – a market based on the aggregate of the shirt numbers of the goalscorers in a match.

So when Gary Hooper, wearing number 88, bagged all five goals in Celtic’s demolition of Hearts in May, the market made-up at 440 and anyone who had bought at 94 was left to net a tidy profit. Sellers, however, were left to curse Hooper’s brilliance.

5. Cheltenham Festival

Market: Multi-Mules
Pre-event spread: 830.5-870.5
Make-up: 430
Potential profit x stake: 400.5

Spread betting on horse racing offers a wide variety of markets to choose from, but one of the more volatile is Multi-Mules. This is based on the number of the winning horse of a race multiplied by the number of the second placed horse in a race, aggregated for each race in a meeting.

With races at some of the larger meetings sometimes including around 30 runners, the range of potential make-ups on this market can be vast. On Day Two of the Cheltenham Festival in March the final make-up was much lower than the original SpreadEx meaning sellers at 830.5 were left in the money.

4. Arsenal 7 Newcastle 3, Premier League

Market: Total Goal Mins
Pre-event spread: 158-168
Make-up: 641
Potential profit x stake: 473

Arsenal feature again in another big Total Goal Minutes make-up at the end of the year when four late strikes including three in the last six minutes helped push the make-up to a massive 641.

Again it meant big profits for anyone who had bought at the initial 168 level and even some very respectable gains for people who had got involved in the action later on, buying at higher levels.

3. Capital One Cup, second round

Market: Cross Goals (home goals x away goals)
Pre-event spread: 980-1030
Make-up: 1610
Potential profit x stake: 580

Groups of games betting offers the chance to place bets over groups of fixtures rather than just on one match alone.

It also offers the potential for some big swings away from the original predicted spread as was the case in the League Cup second round in August when there were plenty of away goals as well as home goals meaning a big make-up and a big payday for anyone who bought at 1030.

2. Bradford 6 Hull FC 70, Super League
Market: Hull Multi-Points
Pre-event spread: 132-142
Make-up: 1176 (28 x 42)
Potential profit x stake: 1034

Backing a strongly fancied favourite at a very short price on a fixed odds bet can mean limited returns, but with spread betting there are a variety of ways to try and gain extra exposure.

One such way is Multi-Points in rugby spread betting, based on a team’s first half points multiplied by their second-half points. So when Hull FC scored 28 in the first half and 42 in the second against Bradford in the Super League in September it resulted in a huge make-up of 1034. Great for buyers. Bad news for sellers in this instance.


1.Aironi 0 Clermont 82, Heineken Cup

Market: Clermont Multi-Points
Pre-event spread: 292-307
Make-up: 1645 (47 x 35)
Potential profit x stake: 1338

Another big Multi-Points make-up goes in at number when Clermont annihilated Aironi in the Heineken Cup in January. 35 second-half points followed 47 points in the first-half resulting in a final make-up of 1338.


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