Will Euro Cats And Dogs Copy Their Premier League Pals?

This year’s Premier League season was unusual for the fact that a number of games were interrupted by animals encroaching onto the pitch. Bookmakers, William Hill think that the trend could continue and are offering odds on what will be the first animal to cause a halt to proceedings. A dog is the 6/4 favourite with a cat 5/2 and fox 5/1.

“It will be interesting to see if there are any issues with over-adventurous animals at the Euros as they seem to have definitely grown in confidence in the Premier League,” said Hill’s spokesman Joe Crilly.

Dog 6/4
Fox 5/2
Cat 5/1
Squirrel 7/1
Rabbit/Hare 8/1
Rat 12/1
Horse 25/1
Duck 33/1
Sheep 50/1
Deer 66/1
Mole 100/1
Snake 200/1
Crocodile 1000/1
Big cat (Lion/Tiger/Puma etc) 1000/1
Others on request. (Birds do not count)

Joe Crilly
Press Officer

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