Professional Betting Randomness And Value

Two zones that professional gamblers tend to understand
a lot better that long term loser mug punters would be
the concepts of randomness and value.

An understanding of these issues can help form
a very solid foundation to one’s future approach to betting.

Playing on the building analogy picture the idea of building a house for yourself.
It can be tempting to jump straight to some of the more interesting stuff.
Where will the man cave with bar and pool table go?
Or perhaps you may lie awake at night thinking paint colors and curtain fabric.

A professional builder if building a house for himself would be well aware of
a number great disasters of history that occurred due to lack of thought
with regards to solid foundations.

Super solid foundations would be number 1 of his checklist.

With betting many punters actively jump in and participate
with little or no comprehension to core foundational stuff.

Bookies of course a encouraging of this.
They prefer their customers to be unsmart, unshrewd and unthinking.

By all means choose to remain in their preferred customer group
if that is your desire.

If however you want to try and pull yourself up a notch
this article below from Insider Gambles is well worth a read.


==>>  Professional Betting  Randomness And Value

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