5 Dimes Sportsbook

A major international sportsbook with a pretty good reputation amongst serious players. Odds available are typically to a lower bookmaker margin / over round than the majority. They also have a reputation as a good spot for high stakes players to bet at.
One possible downside for those from the uk however is that they do not offer a £ based account. It is only possible to bet in $. This will likely be off putting to recreational uk players. To uk pro punters however possibly a necessary evil they are happy to over come in the search to get on significant weight of cash at sharp odds.

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188 Bet

188Bet are a major Asian bookmaker with a reputation for offering
good value odds ( low bookmaker margin ).
Additionally they tend to accept high stakes bets.
As one would expect with sharp odds and high staking limits
they are one of the bookmakers pro soccer and sports bettors tend to gravitate towards.
They are a big bookmaker on a global scale. Just to prove their size they have sponsered not one but two major soccer clubs West Brom and Bolton.

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SBO Bet are a major Asian bookmaker who you may have
seem on match of the day as they are sponsors of West Ham football club.

SBO have a reputation as a bookmaker willing to accept
very large bets , much more so than most uk bookmakers.

If you area high stakes punter who often gets frustrated at chicken refusing to permit you to bet to the stakes you desire, then check out SBO for a more suitable bookmaking service.

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