Brooking Tips Capello To Stay And Euro 2012 Latest

With Sir Trevor Brooking hinting that Fabio Capello could yet remain as England manager following the Euro Finals, William Hill are offering 6/1 that the Italian will continue past his expected departure date

“Sir Trevor suggested Capello may stay but we think it is a long shot,” said Hill’s spokesman Joe Crilly

Will Fabio Capello take charge of England’s first World Cup 2014 Qualifying match (7th September 2012): 1/12 no; 6/1 yes

Could The Fates Intervene For Euro 2012 Draw?

The draw for Euro 2012 is being made and William Hill are offering 14/5 that they are drawn in the same group as Ireland. Punters also have the opportunity to predict all three teams offered at 53/1.

“There is an equal chance that England could face any team from pot four however, the fates may well decide that having not been in a tournament together for nigh on ten years the rivals could be thrown together in 2012,” said Hill’s spokesman Joe Crilly.

England are 11/1 to win the Euros in 2012 while Ireland are 33/1. Current champions, Spain, are 5/2 favourites ahead of Germany at 10/3.

Who will England draw from pot 1: 14/5 Spain; 14/5 Holland; 14/5 Ukraine; 14/5 Poland

Who will England draw from pot 3: 14/5 Croatia; 14/5 Greece; 14/5 Sweden; 14/5 Portugal

Who will England draw from pot 4: 14/5 Denmark; 14/5 France; 14/5 Czech Republic; 14/5 Ireland

53/1 Predict England’s group

Euro 2012: 5/2 Spain; 10/3 Germany; 6/1 Holland; 10/1 Italy; 11/1 England; 11/1 France; 16/1 Portugal; 20/1 Russia; 33/1 Ukraine; 33/1 Republic of Ireland; 40/1 BAR

Joe Crilly
Press Officer

Twitter: @footy_joe

T: 0208 918 3746
M: 07850 518 164

William Hill Press Office; Greenside House; 50 Station Road; Wood Green; London; N22 7TP

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53/1 To Predict England’s Euro Group


William Hill have offered punters a 53/1 shot to predict the three teams England will be facing in their Euro 2012 Group – and offer 14/5 that they will be draw with Rep of Ireland and 14/5 with Spain. ‘Although in theory there is an exactly equal chance of England meeting any particular one of their potential opponents we all know that the universe likes to play tricks and deliberately devise Groups with story lines – for example, you’d think it must be preordained that England and Republic of Ireland will end up in the same Group – so we are offering 14/5 to name any individual one of England’s opponents, 13/1 to successfully tip two of them, and 53/1 to come up with all three’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

14/5; Spain; 14/1 Holland; 14/5 Ukraine; 14/5 Poland
14/5 Croatia; 14/5 Greece; 14/5 Sweden; 14/5 Portugal
14/5 Denmark; 14/5 Czech Rep;14/5 France; 14/5 Republic of Ireland,

13/1 Doubles; 53/1 Trebles.

William Hill TO WIN EURO 2012…5/2 Spain; 10/3 Germany; 6/1 Holland; 10/1 Italy; 11/1 England/France; 16/1 Portugal; 20/1 Russia; 33/1 Ukraine; 40/1 Croatia; 50/1 Denmark; Greece; Poland; Sweden; 66/1 Rep Ire; Czech Rep.

Further information…graham sharpe…0780 3233702
twitter- @sharpeangle

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8/1 Hodgson To Return To Craven Cottage…or Will Banksy Hijacko Wacko?

Following the unveiling of Fulham’s rather bizarre Michael Jackson statue, bookmakers William Hill are betting on what will happen first to the effigy. Hills offer 6/1 that a pot of paint is thrown over it, while 8/1 is on offer for somebody to put a Roy Hodgson mask over Jacko’s face. Hills offer 20/1 that Banksy decorates the statue and 25/1 that his microphone is replaced by an umbrella.

“To say that the statue has not gone down well, would be an understatement and it would come as no surprise if somebody did decorate it in their own special way,” said Hill’s spokesman Joe Crilly.

What Will Happen To The Michael Jackson Statue:
6/1 Pot of paint thrown over it
8/1 Roy Hodgson mask put on it
10/1 Fulham shirt to be put on it
12/1 Glove hand to be chopped off
14/1 Chelsea shirt to be put on it
16/1 Head chopped off
20/1 For Banksy to ‘decorate’ the statue
25/1 To have the microphone replaced by an umbrella

Further Information…Joe Crilly…0208 918 3746 / 07850 518 164

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ROI In Horse Racing

ROI In Horse Racing
I received a question from someone new to betting on horses.
They had seen me refer to ROI and wondered what that meant.
Quite simply ROI stands for Return on Investment.
It is a way to measure the profitability of a set of betting selections
whether they be your personal picks, system selections or a tipsters […]

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Will England Have To Face Henry And Drogba ?

England 450/1 to end up with France, Ivory Coast, USA:

William Hill OFFER 450/1 THAT ENGLAND’S WORLD CUP GROUP WILL INCLUDE IVORY COAST, FRANCE AND USA. ‘There are some potentially very tricky Group companions waiting out there for England, and Ivory Coast, France and USA are three of the worst they can get’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.
AFTER they were confirmed as Seeds, William Hill have opened a book on who England will get in their Group in Friday’s draw and offer:

Who Will England Get?

From Pot 2
Japan 13/2
South Korea 13/2
North Korea 13/2
Australia 13/2
New Zealand 13/2
USA 13/2
Mexico 13/2
Honduras 13/2

From Pot 3
Ivory Coast 7/1
Ghana 7/1
Cameroon 7/1
Nigeria 7/1
Algeria 7/1
Paraguay 6/1
Chile 6/1
Uruguay 6/1

From Pot 4
France 13/2
Portugal 13/2
Slovenia 13/2
Switzerland 13/2
Greece 13/2
Serbia 13/2
Denmark 13/2
Slovakia 13/2
(Doubles, trebles accepted)


Hills have also opened a book on how far England will get – and offer 3/1 that they are knocked out at the Quarter Final stage:

Group Stage 3/1
2nd Phase 11/4
1/4 final 7/2
Semi Final 9/2
Runner Up 13/2
Winner 6/1


England v Brazil 20/1

England v Germany 33/1

England v France 40/1

England v Australia 500/1

England v Spain 20/1

England v Argentina 25/1

England v Holland 40/1

England v Italy 40/1

England v USA 500/1

England v South Africa 500/1


William Hill World Cup 2010 Winner:
9/2 Spain, 9/2 Brazil, 6/1 England, 8/1 Argentina, 12/1 Germany, 14/1 Italy, 14/1 Netherlands, 14/1 France, 14/1 Portugal, 20/1 Ivory Coast, 40/1 Chile, 66/1 Cameroon, 66/1 Paraguay, 66/1 Ghana, 66/1 Serbia, 80/1 Mexico, 80/1 Greece; 80/1 USA, 100/1 Uruguay, 100/1 Nigeria, 100/1 South Africa, 100/1 Australia, 100/1 Denmark, 100/1 Slovenia, 150/1 Switzerland, 200/1 Japan, 250/1 Slovakia, 250/1 South Korea, 500/1 Algeria, 500/1 New Zealand, 500/1 Honduras, 500/1 North Korea

ENGLAND HAVE BEEN CUT FROM 11/4 TO 7/4 FAVOURITES TO HOST THE 2018 WORLD CUP AFTER REPORTEDLY BEING ASSURED BY JACK WARNER THAT HE WILL SUPPORT THEM. ‘England are being backed on the supposition that Jack Warner has told Gordon Brown he will vote for England – that might not be the sure thing many people apparently believe’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.Former favourites Australia are now out to 114 with Hills.

Further information……graham sharpe..0780 3233702

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