Au-revoir Allardyce: Avb 20/1 First Man Out!

The Premiership off season has probably never seen so much managerial movement and the latest odds from William Hill suggest that many will not be given much time to deliver. Hills are offering 11/8 that six or more managers leave their current roles during the season and 10/1 that either none or one go!

Sam Allardyce is the 8/1 favourite to be first out of the door, with Chris Hughton, Michael Laudrup and Steve Clarke all 9/1. The new Spurs manager, Andre Villas-Boas, is 20/1 to be first out with Sir Alex Ferguson the 100/1 outsider.

“With so much early movement you would think there would be very few moves in the season but as we all know, football is a results driven business and there aren’t too many second chances in the Premiership! said Hill’s spokesman Rupert Adams.

First Premier League Manager to Leave: 8/1 S Allardyce, 9/1 C Hughton, 9/1 M Laudrup, 9/1 S Clarke, 10/1 P Lambert, 11/1 B Rodgers, 11/1 M Hughes, 11/1 N Adkins, 11/1 R Di Matteo, 11/1 R Martinez, 12/1 M Jol, 16/1 B McDermott, 20/1 A Villas-Boas, 20/1 M O’Neill, 20/1 T Pulis, 25/1 A Pardew, 33/1 D Moyes, 33/1 R Mancini, 50/1 A Wenger, 66/1 No Manager to Leave, 100/1 A Ferguson.

How Many Premier League Managers will leave between the start and end of the 2012/13 Premier League season? 10/1 None or One, 9/4 Two or Three, 11/8 Four or Five, 11/8 Six or More.

Rupert Adams
Media Relations

T: 020 8918 3858
M: 0784 1011 584
William Hill, Greenside House, 50 Station Road,
Wood Green, London, N22 7TP.

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Liverpool Versus Chelsea Rematch Odds


William Hill offer 125/1 that Andy Carroll will score the last goal in a 2-1 win for Chelsea at Anfield in Tuesday’s Premier League re-match of Saturday’s FA Cup Final.
Hills offer 5/6 that Kenny Dalglish will still be Liverpool boss on day one of next season, 5/6 that he will not while Roberto di Matteo is 4/7 still to be Chelsea boss on day one, 5/4 not to.

90m odds…7/5 Liverpool; 23/10 draw; Chelsea 19/10

Andy Carroll to……

Score with header – 6/1
Score outside box – 13/2
ReceiveYellow card – 2/1
Receive Red card – 20/1
To finish if he starts – 6/5,…. 8/13 subbed (Bets void if doesn’t start)
Carroll to score at any time and Chelsea to win – 19/5
Repeat of Final Carroll to score last goal in Chelsea 2-1 win – 120/1

NEXT PERMANENT LIVERPOOL MANAGER – 5/1 Benitez; Mourinho; O’Neill; 8/1 AVB; 10/1 Carragher; Brendan Rodgers; 12/1 Guardiola.Others on request.

NEXT PERMANENT CHELSEA MANAGER – 4/7 RDM; 11/2 Guardiola; Mourinho; 10 Benitez; Blanc;Capello;Redknapp. Others on request.

Further information……graham sharpe…07803233702
twitter- @sharpeangle

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13/8 Balotelli And Mancini Gone By Next Season


William Hill are offering odds 13/8 that BOTH Mancini and Balotelli will have left Manchester City, 5/6 that atjustone of them will still be there, 11/4 that both survive.

They also offer5/6 that Roberto Mancini will no longer be City boss on day one of next season (5/6 that he will); and 11/10 that Balotelli will still be with the club on the first day of next season, 4/6 that he will not. ‘The futures of both Mancini and Balotelli are delicately balanced and quite possibly inextricably linked’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe. Hills have installed Mourinho as 15/8 favourite to succeed Mancini. Hills: At Man City on first day of 2012/13 season? Roberto Mancini Yes 5/6No 5/6 Mario Balotelli Yes 5/6No 5/6

MOURINHO FOR MANCHESTER? JOSE Mourinho is 15/8 favourite to succeed Manchester City as the next permanent boss with William Hill who also offer 12/1 Ancelotti; 14/1 Rijkaard; 16/1 Benitez; Blanc; Deschamps; Guardiola;O’Neill; Peligrini; Van Gaal; 20/1 Capello; Moyes.

HOW MANY POINTS WILL UNITED COLLECT? MANCHESTER UNITED are now 1/100 favourites to win the title with Hills who offer Man City at 16/1. United are 13/8 to finish the season with 93 or more points. Man Utd Total Points 2011/12:

93 or more13/8
88 or less13/8 Rio Ferdinand to be in final England Euro 2012 squad? Yes 4/7No 5/4

WITHOUT MANCS……4/7 Arsenal; 6/4 Spurs; 8/1 Chelsea; 20/1 Newcastle.

TO WIN PREM TITLE NEXT SEASON- 7/4 City; 15/8 United; 9/2 Chelsea; 8 Arsenal; 10 Spurs; 33 Liverpool; 250 Newcastle. Others on request.

TOP 4 FINISH…..1/7 Arsenal; 1/4 Spurs; 15/8 Chelsea; 11/2 Newcastle.

Hills…Relegation odds….1/100 Wolves (16/1 stay up); 1/2 Wigan (6/4); 8/13 QPR (6/5); Evens Blackburn(8/11); 7/4 Bolton(2/5); 14/1 Villa. Further information….graham sharpe…0780 3233702twitter- @sharpeangle

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New Low For Chelsea ?


Germany boss Joachim Low has emerged as a punters’ favourite to become the next permanent (one year contract or longer) Chelsea manager, with William Hill trimming his odds from 12/1 to 9/1 fifth favourite. ‘The market has been dominated by media talk of Mourinho’s possible return, while our best backed contender early on has been Rafa Benitez. However, a few shrewd clients have been nibbling at the Low price – which makes a change!’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

TO BE NEXT PERMANENT CHELSEA MANAGER- 7/4 Mourinho; 3/1 Benitez; 11/2 Pep; 8/1 Di Matteo; 9/1 Low; Capello; 14 Moyes. Others on request.

Ashley Cole – Yes 1/7
Ashley Cole – No 4/1
Didier Drogba – Yes 6/5
Didier Drogba – No 8/13
Frank Lampard – Yes 8/11
Frank Lampard – No 1/1
John Terry – Yes 1/5
John Terry – No 10/3
Petr Cech – Yes 1/16
Petr Cech – No 7/1
Fernando Torres – Yes 8/15
Fernando Torres – No 11/8
Daniel Sturridge – Yes 1/5
Daniel Sturridge – No 10/3


PAUL INCE has been backed from 20/1 to 8/1 third favourite with Hills to become the next permanent Wolves’ boss. Caretaker, Terry Connor is the current Even money favourite with Steve Bruce at 7/1; Alan Curbishley and Dougie Freedman both 14/1.

NEXT ENGLAND BOSS…1/7 Redknap; 8/1 Pearce; 9/1 Guardiola; 12/1 Mourinho; 14/1 Hodgson; 16/1 Hiddink; 25/1 O’Neill.

NEXT PERMANENT SPURS BOSS…7/2 Mourinho; 9/2 Moyes; 10 Ancelotti; Hughton; Klinsmann; Rodgers. Others on request.

Graham Sharpe,
Media Relations Director.
TWITTER- @shareangle

T: 020 8918 3731
M: 07803 233702

William Hill, Greenside House, 50 Station Road,
Wood Green, London, N22 7TP.

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You Bet Jose Mourinho Could Be Next Spurs’ Boss….

WITH many pundits believing Harry Redknapp will become the next England manager, and William Hill making him odds-on at 8/15 to have left Spurs before next season gets underway, (11/8 still to be there) Hills have opened a book on who will succeed him as Spurs’ manager and make Jose Mourinho their 9/2 favourite. ‘With Mourinho talking about leaving Real Madrid to return to the Premier League, Spurs could well appeal to him as he has previously managed in London’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

William Hill…To be next permanent Spurs’ boss…..9/2 Mourinho; 8/1 Capello; 10/1 Ancelotti; Rodgers; 12/1 Moyes; O’Neill; Sherwood; 16/1 Bilic; Hughes; Klinsmann;Lambert; Poyet; 20/1 Benitez; Bruce; Coyle; Hiddink; 25/1 Jo, Ranieri; Van Basten. Others on request.

Further information…..graham sharpe…07803 233702.
twitter- @sharpeangle

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Redknapp Odds-on To Be England Boss For Euros


William Hill offer 8/15 that Harry Redknapp will be England boss when the first Euro 2012 match kicks off, but with doubts over wether he will be prepared to walk away from Spurs, Stuart Pearce is 13/2 to be in charge when the tournament kicks off with Hills. ‘Harry was effusive in his praise for Spurs and their fans when he left court after his trial’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe. ‘People are assuming he is desperate to get the England job but maybe he is aware that everyone who has had that job has always eventually left under a cloud of some kind’

William Hill….ENGLAND BOSS WHEN EUROS START- 8/15 Redknapp; 13/2 Pearce; 8/1 Hodgson; 12/1 Jose Mourinho;Alan Pardew; 14 Hiddink; 20 O’Neill; Southgate; 25 Wenger.50/1 Beckham. Others on request.

William Hill…NEXT PERMANENTLY APPOINTED ENGLAND BOSS- 4/9 Redknapp; 7/1 Pearce; 10/1 Hodgson; Mourinho; 11 Hiddink; 14 Pardew; O’Neill; 16 Wenger; Benitez; 20 Southgate. Others on request.

Further information….graham sharpe…07803233702
twitter- @sharpeangle

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Harry 7/2 To Do B O T H Jobs Plus Prem Specials


William Hill offer 7/2 that Harry Redknapp will be England boss for the Euros, and return to manage Spurs for the start of season 2012/13. ‘The suggestion that Harry could lead the team into the Euros and then have the option of continuing or returning to be Spurs boss for next season is beginning to attract some betting interest’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe as Redknapp remained red hot favourite to become the next permanent England manager.

To be next permanent England boss…4/11 Redknapp; 11/2 Pearce; 10 Mourinho; 12 Hodgson; Hiddink; 14 O’Neill; 16 Benitez/Wenger; 20 Southgate; 25 Allardyce; Pardew; Van Gaal.

NEXT PERMANENT SPURS’ BOSS—9/2 Mourinho; 6 Moyes; 10 Ancelotti; Rodgers; 12 O’Neill; Sherwood; 14 Capello; 16 Bilic; Hughes; Klinsmann; Lambert; Poyet.

************************William Hill PREMIER LEAGUE SPECIALS******************


WITH all the indications pointing towards Evra and Suarez shaking hands pre-match at the Manchester United- Liverpool match, William Hill are now offering 1/5 that they do; 10/3 that they do not.


Man City top by 5 points 11/2
Man City top by 4 points 9/2
Man City top by 3 points 12
Man City top by 2 points 5/4
Man City top by 1 point 14
Man City top on goal difference 11/2
Man Utd top 7

**Void if Man Utd v Liverpool or Aston Villa v Man City postponed


TORRES is 11/2 with Hills to fail to score another Premier League goal this season as he faces Everton on Saturday, whose keeper Tim Howard has out-scored Torres in the Premier League during 2012. Torres is 5/4 to score in the game should he start, with Tim Howard 50/1 to score.
Torres is 4/9 still to be at Chelsea on day one of next season, 13/8 not to.
HOW MANY MORE PREM GOALS WILL TORRES SCORE THIS SEASON?…..0- 11/2; 1- 5/1; 2- 4/1; 3- 3/1; 4+ – 13/8.

AVB still Chelsea boss on 1st day next season? – 8/11 yes; Evens no.

Harry Redknapp still Spurs boss day one next season? – 2/1 yes; 4/11 no.

None- 10/3
One- 2/1
Two- 2/1
Three or more- 2/1

Any player to score Prem hat trick this weekend – 72 yes; 1/6 n

Tottenham v Newcastle- 9/2
Bolton v Wigan – 6/1
Sunderland v Arsenal- 13/2
Aston Villa v Man City- 13/2
Blackburn v QPR- 7/1
Man Utd v Liverpool- 7/1
Wolves v West Brom- 15/2
Swansea v Norwich- 8/1
Everton v Chelsea- 9/1
Fulham v Stoke- 9/1.
One quarter odds 1,2,3.


Tottenham 7/1
Man City 7/1
Man Utd 11/1
Swansea 11/1
Arsenal 11/1
Bolton 12/1
Fulham 12/1
Blackburn 14/1
Chelsea 14/1
Wolves 14/1
QPR 16/1
West Brom 18/1
Sunderland 18/1
Wigan 20/1
Liverpool 22/1
Everton 25/1
Norwich 25/1
Stoke 25/1
Aston Villa 28/1
Newcastle 33/1

One quarter 1,2,3,4.


Tottenham 8/1
Man City 8/1
Man Utd 11/1
Bolton 12/1
Chelsea 12/1
Blackburn 14/1
Swansea 14/1
Wolves 14/1
Fulham 14/1
West Brom 14/1
Arsenal 14/1
Liverpool 14/1
QPR 16/1
Everton 18/1
Sunderland 18/1
Wigan 20/1
Norwich 20/1
Aston Villa 20/1
Stoke 20/1
Newcastle 22/1

Each Way 1/4 1-2-3-4

TO WIN PREM TITLE- 4/7 Man C; 11/8 Man U; 16/1 Spurs; 125/1 Chelsea; 200/1 Arsenal; 500/1 Liverpool; Newcastle.
TOP 4 FINISH……..1/9 Spurs; 4/9 Chelsea; 9/4 Arsenal; 5/2 Liverpool; 12/1 Newcastle.

WHERE WILL NEWCASTLE FINISH? – 1st – 50/1; Tp 4- 12/1; 5th – 5/1; 6th – 9/4; 7-10th 8/13; 11-20th 9/2.

RELEGATION – 2/9 Wigan (3/1 stay up); 8/15 Blackburn (11/8); 10/11 Bolton (4/5); 10/11 Wolves (4/5); 7/4 QPR; 10 WBA; 12 Swansea; 16 Norwich.
FINISH BOTTOM – Evens Wigan; 11/4 Blackburn; 5/1 Bolton; Wolves; 8/1 QPR; 25/1 WBA; 33/1 Swansea; 40/1 Norwich

PREM TOP SCORER…4/11 RVP; 4/1 Rooney; 11/2 Aguero; 11/1 Ba; 28/1 Dzeko.

Graham Sharpe,
Media Relations Director.

T: 020 8918 3731
M: 07803 233702
Twitter- @sharpeangle

William Hill, Greenside House, 50 Station Road,
Wood Green, London, N22 7TP.

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Redknapp Backed To Be Next Boss Out As Tery 7/2 To Be Subbed


HARRY REDKNAP has been backed from 33/1 to 16/1 to be the next Premier League manager to leave his job – and the odds about him becoming the next England manager have lengthened from 8/11 to 7/4, albeit he remains favourite to get the job. ‘With Harry currently absent from Spurs, reportedly recovering from health issues, some punters appear to be getting cold feet about his long-term future prospects in football’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Hills..Next Prem boss to go…8/13 Kean; 9/4 Bruce; 11/4 Martinez; 7 McCarthy; 9 Coyle; 14 McLeish; 16 Moyes; Redknapp. Others on request.


William Hill offer 8/1 that Fabio Capello will remain as England manager beyond Euro 2012. ‘If the Spain result stimulates a run of success it is not impossible the FA could invite Fabio to stay on until World Cup 2014’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Fabio to stay boss beyond Euros?…..8/1 yes; 1/20 no

Next England manager- 7/4 Redknapp (from 8/11); 8/1 O’Neill; Wenger; 14 Southgate; Hodgson; 16 Pearce

To Start 1st Euro 2012 game for England:

Lampard: 5/6 yes; 5/6 no
Terry: 1/6 yes; 7/2 no
Bent: 4/7 yes; 5/4

Ton Up Lampard ?

Frank Lampard led by example as England defeated Spain and he has now targeted 100 caps for England. The midfielder, who took his tally to 90 on Saturday is 5/6 with William Hill to join the 100 club (5/6 not to).


*What will John Terry do first vs Sweden? 5/6 Concede goal; 5/2 complete the match; 9/2 be substituted; 7/1 yellow card; 12/1 score; 40/1 get sent off.
*Terry to finish game if he starts: 1/6 yes; 7/2 no
*Terry carded- 2/1
*Terry red carded- 33/1
*Terry og – 12/1
*Terry concede penalty- 16/1
*Terry scores – 8/1
*Terry wins ITV Man of Match – 20/1
*Terry to start as skipper in opening Euro match – 8/11 Terry;9/2 Lampard; 5/1 Gerrard; 9/1 Rio F; 14/1 Barry; 16 Hart

William Hill…4/5 England; 9/4 draw; Sweden 4/1
*Zamora/Sturridge both score – 10/1

Graham Sharpe,
Media Relations Director.

T: 020 8918 3731
M: 07803 233702
Twitter- @sharpeangle

William Hill, Greenside House, 50 Station Road,
Wood Green, London, N22 7TP.

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Will Their Hearts Be In It? Former Jambos Bosses Favourites For Hibs Job

Jim Jeffries has emerged as William Hill’s 5/2 favourite to become the next Hibs boss. The former Hearts boss is joined in the top three in the betting by another former Hearts manager Billy Brown at 4/1 and Shamrock Rovers manager Michael O’Neill at 3/1.

“There are a number of likely candidates for the position but it is strange to see two former Hearts bosses so high in the betting,” said Hill’s spokesman Joe Crilly. “It seems that in the fickle world of football, these managers would have no qualms in crossing the great divide.”

Other contenders include Mark McGhee at 6/1 and Gordon Strachan, Jimmy Calderwood and Gus McPherson – all at 8/1.

Next Hibernian Boss: 5/2 Jim Jeffries; 3/1 Michael O’Neill; 4/1 Billy Brown; 6/1 Mark McGhee; 8/1 Gordon Strachan; 8/1 Jimmy Calderwood; 8/1 Gus McPherson; 10/1 Gary Bollan; 10/1 Billy Stark; 10/1 John Robertson; 10/1 Danny Lennon; 12/1 Billy Reid; 12/1 Jackie McNamara; 14/1 Billy Davies; 16/1 Terry Butcher; 16/1 John Collins; 16/1 Allan Moore; 16/1 John Hughes; 20/1 Paul Cook

Joe Crilly
Press Officer
Twitter: @footy_joe

T: 0208 918 3746
M: 07850 518 164

William Hill Press Office; Greenside House; 50 Station Road; Wood Green; London; N22 7TP

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You Bet Arsene’s Gunner Go Nowhere


William Hill have lengthened their odds about Arsene Wenger leaving Arsenal before the end of the season from 9/4 to 5/2 following their impressive comeback against Udinese. Wenger has also been lengthened from 6/1 to 13/2 to be the next boss to go. ‘Maybe Arsenal’s luck has turned – but they’ll need to produce another decent performance against Manchester United at the weekend to avoid further criticism.’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

William Hill…Arsene Wenger still to be Gunners’ boss on final day of season – 2/7 yes; 5/2 no
Wenger next Prem boss to leave his job – 13/2
Next Arsenal manager: 5 O’Neill; 6 Garde; 7 Mourinho; 10 Hiddink; 12 Van Basten; 14 Coyle.
Sunday’s match – 4/9 Man U; 14/5 draw; Arsenal 5/1

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: 15/8 Barcelona; 9/2 Real M; 7 Man U; 8 Chelsea; 12 Man C; 16 Arsenal; Bayern M; 20 AC

Prem team to go furthest:
15/8 Man U

2 Chelsea

11/4 Man C

4 Arsenal

Further information….graham sharpe…0780 3233702
Twitter – @sharpeangle

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